Why Counselling? Perhaps you are feeling stuck, wondering what to do, or are maybe unsure about how to feel fulfilled or face a difficult issue.  Perhaps you are having difficulties with key relationships or have suffered a loss that you can't adjust to.  Or, you may be unhappy for no apparent reason. Listening is a fundamental part of counselling, and I will listen actively, giving feedback from time to time, assisting you to explore the problem you bring, allowing you to come to a new understanding of what is happening to you and why.  You can go at your own pace. Some people choose to come simply because they want to feel better about life or have more hope.  That is fine.  I can be a touchstone for helping with that. Most people suffer some kind of emotional distress at some time in their life.  There are times when it can be hard to cope.  Counselling can help a lot.  I am happy to listen to what is on your mind and help you to find solutions to your problems.  There are times we need to make changes in our lives.  My role as a counsellor will be to help you make those positive changes and reach your goals.   It can take courage to seek counselling for the very first time but it is also a step forward towards a positive change.  It is a part of our human nature to need the experience of being in meaningful relationships. Sometimes these relationships are difficult to develop and maintain leaving us frustrated and confused.  Sometimes they breakdown and we end up feeling very alone.   Counselling can offer the chance to explore your present and past experiences and how they may be affecting your life now.  Although we can’t take away the past, we can look at it and find some peace.  With some issues it can also be helpful to discover any underlying reasons for patterns that recur in your life. The decisions are always yours but it is helpful to have a guide and empathic ear. Home | Why Counselling? | About Me | Appointments | Contact Me | Inspiration | Other Help Made with Xara Web Designer